Militant education.
Always follow truth where
it leads you in the dark.

Kurai no Sanko

$ 1,000.00 USD

Level 2

Beloved by our clients in military, law enforcement, and political roles, this syncretic program brings you the secrets of imperial counsel, individual sovereignty, and the radical ancient methodologies of the ninja.

  • Nine individual lessons instructing in historic ninja methodologies
  • Method translated to European royal history and strategies
  • Modern lens of the dark triad individual applies utilitarian focus
  • Powerful, actionable training in strategic focus and execution
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The Full Academy Suite

Academy | Level 2 | Fast Development
Ready to level up and take on the world's challenges head on? Our exclusive training and knowledge base gives you a pitiless edge ans you make permenent life decisions on marriage, sacred purpose, and faith.
Academy | Level 3 | Advanced Clients
For high performance leaders ready to deliver themselves to the world as hypercompetent militants. Qualified clients are immersed in extraordinarily powerful training and disciplined to unleash culture-shattering results.