Militant education.
Always follow truth where
it leads you in the dark.



The Company is proud to provide our Academy resources to the public. Each complimentary Academy Resource training document is available free of charge to download and incorporate into your training regimens.

Academy materials deliver sharp, immediately actionable training and methods that any man can take and instantly put to strong, profitable use:

  • Build your future without constraints from weak, stupid, or frightened people.
  • Fight for success with hidden methods that built the greatest empires in the world.
  • Lead your family through global storms and cement a powerful personal legacy.


World War III has begun. Are you an asset or liability?

In addition to the full suite of complimentary Academy Resource training materials, the Company offers our proprietary Raw Human Capital assessment free of charge.

Builders, fighters, and leaders who have completed the free assessment are eligible for enrollment in our flagship Militant CORE program.


The Full Academy Suite

Academy | Militant Education
Ready to level up and take on the world's challenges head on? Our exclusive training and knowledge base gives you a pitiless edge as you make permanent life decisions on marriage, sacred purpose, and faith.
Academy | Militant CORE | Advanced Clients
For high performance men ready to deliver themselves to the world as hypercompetent militants. Qualified clients are immersed in extraordinarily powerful training and disciplined to unleash culture-shattering results.