Militant education.
Always follow truth where
it leads you in the dark.

Client Qualification Call

Level 3

Level 3 programs require a prequalification call with Throne Dynamics to review the vision, ambitions, and sacred purpose of the client ahead of a bespoke plan for pitiless, compassionate achievement of legacy.

"Men do not abandon comrades, nor leave their wounded brothers behind."


The Full Academy Suite

Academy | Level 2 | Fast Development
Ready to level up and take on the world's challenges head on? Our exclusive training and knowledge base gives you a pitiless edge ans you make permenent life decisions on marriage, sacred purpose, and faith.
Academy | Level 3 | Advanced Clients
For high performance leaders ready to deliver themselves to the world as hypercompetent militants. Qualified clients are immersed in extraordinarily powerful training and disciplined to unleash culture-shattering results.